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Best Cyber Monday VR headset deals 2021: Oculus and Vive

The best Cyber Monday VR headset deals right now, for the UK and US.

It's hard to find good deals for VR headsets, but this year's haul of discounts is better than last year's - and, importantly, they remain available now that it's Cyber Monday. These include deals on both the Oculus Quest 2 and HTC's Vive headsets, so read on below to see what's on offer.

In previous years, VR headset deals have often been dictated by the VR headset manufacturers themselves - Oculus and Vive, mainly - so prices have usually been pretty uniform across all the different retailers. However, with past savings sometimes stretching up to £100 / $100 off, these fixed savings certainly aren't to be sniffed at.

Alas, the Cyber Monday 2021 deals on VR headsets aren't as generous. With one UK-only exception, the Oculus Quest 2 seems to be sticking to its usual price of £299 / $299 - albeit while bundling in a £50 / $50 game credit voucher.

We'll be keeping this list up to date throughout the rest of Cyber Monday, so keep checking back for last minute deals.

For more offers, check out our regularly updated Cyber Monday deals hub; this contains the very best deals we've found across all types of PC gaming hardware. You can also check out our product-specific guides for even more deals:

The best Cyber Monday VR headset deals

Oculus Quest 2 deals

UK deals:

As you can see, there's only one way to go if you simply want money off the Oculus Quest 2. Otherwise, you'll need to take the £50 voucher route.

Amazon are also running a similar, offering you a £50 voucher to spend on anything shipped and sold by Amazon until January 14th 2022, which might be a better bet if you've got your eye on other Black Friday deals this year. At the moment, it's only available on the 256GB model:

US deals:

Amazon US are doing a similar thing to Amazon UK, offering you a $50 Amazon voucher rather than a specific Oculus one. However, you'll need to enter the promo code OCULUS50 at checkout to get it, so make sure you don't forget to do that. It's also only available on the 128GB model right now, as the 256GB version is sold out.

HTC Vive Cosmos deals

HTC's official Black Friday deals for the Vive Cosmos have arrived in the UK. We still don't have official US deals just yet - the ones listed below are simply what they cost right now - but we'll be updating this page as soon as they're made available.

UK deals:

US deals:

As for the rest, we've included links to some slightly reduced prices if you really need to get your hands on one right now - but you're better off waiting for later in the week. As always, keep checking back as these prices will be updated as soon as deals get announced.

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