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Best Einhorn Revolving loadout and class setup in Call of Duty: Warzone

One-shot your enemies with this top-tier Warzone shotgun

Looking for the best Einhorn Revolving loadout in Warzone? The Vanguard shotguns are currently in a precarious state in Warzone that is out of line with the last two years of balance philosophy. Currently, each of the four shotguns can one-shot enemies under the right conditions. The Einhorn is perhaps the most powerful of them all, with a mix of range, fire rate, and accuracy that dominates close-range fights. We expect nerfs to all four Vanguard Shotguns in due time, but until then this loadout is unparalleled in Warzone.

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Best Einhorn Revolving Warzone loadout

Here’s everything you need to one-shot your enemies with the Einhorn Revolving.

  • Muzzle: M97 Full Choke
  • Barrel: Klauser 710mm 02B
  • Underbarrel: SMLE Pistol Grip
  • Optic: Nydar Model 47
  • Magazine: 16 Gauge 7 Round Cylinder
  • Ammunition: Incendiary
  • Grip: Fabric
  • Stock: Removed Stock
  • Perk 1 (Proficiency): Sleight of Hand
  • Perk 2 (Kit): Quick

Our goal here is to tighten down hipfire spread and increase damage range to hit a one-shot sweet spot. That starts with an M97 Full Choke, which tightens up your pellet spread in both hipfire and ADS. Attach it to the end of a Klauser 710mm 02B barrel, which will increase your range in exchange for a hipfire penalty. Thankfully, we can easily make that up with the SMLE Pistol Grip, which boosts hipfire accuracy and sprint to fire speed. Mobility is a big help in close-range battles, so we’ll take it wherever we can get it. Your optic doesn’t really matter on a hipfire-oriented build, so take a Nydar Model 47 or another reflex sight with no downsides.

You can actually one-shot enemies with any of the Einhorn’s magazine types, so there is some flexibility here. We like the 16 Gauge 7 Round Cylinder for maximum ammo capacity, but if you prefer the range of 12 Gauge or the fire rate of Birdshot they’ll do just fine. For your ammo type, take Incendiary to finish off foes you don’t quite one-shot. For the grip, go with Fabric. Like the SMLE, this adds hipfire accuracy and sprint to fire speed, both desirable stats.

On the back end, go for a Removed Stock for even more hipfire accuracy and movement speed. With this setup, you’ll have a highly mobile build that can one-shot foes from the hip at alarming ranges. To round things out, take Sleight of Hand and Quick in the perk slots (Proficiency and Kit in Vanguard, if you’re just now transitioning to Warzone). The Einhorn’s reload is pretty miserable, so Sleight of Hand is big for both power and quality of life. Finally, Quick provides a little extra sprint speed to help you outmaneuver your foes.

Secondary weapon

Even the longest-ranged shotgun has its limits, so you will want an Assault Rifle to balance out your Warzone class. The STG44 and Volkssturmgewher are both excellent choices right now, both in core Battle Royale and Vanguard-restricted modes. If you prefer something from previous games, the EM2 remains strong in spite of a recent nerf.

Now you’re set with everything you need to crush your enemies with the Einhorn Revolving. Once the nigh-on-inevitable nerfs come we’ll update all of our Shotgun loadouts, so check back here for the most up-to-date builds. In the meantime, get a grasp on the meta with our guide to the best loadouts in Warzone and our best Warzone weapons tier list.

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