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Best MG42 loadout and class setup in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific

Everything you need to get this lightning-fast LMG going

Looking for the best MG42 loadout in Warzone Pacific? Warzone has a new map and with it a pile of new weapons to play with. The MG42 is a standout among the new LMGs. With one of the highest fire rates in the game, this hulking LMG can drop players faster than just about anything else in the category. All that power comes with a few drawbacks, however. Thankfully, our guide is here to help you get the most out of your MG42.

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Best MG42 Warzone loadout

With the right setup, the MG42 has best-in-class time-to-kill at midrange. Here’s how to build the best Warzone MG42 loadout.

  • Muzzle: MX Silencer
  • Barrel: VDD 890mm 32M Luftschutz
  • Underbarrel: M1941 Hand Stop
  • Optic: ZF4 3.5x Rifle Scope
  • Magazine: 8mm Klauser 250 Round Box
  • Ammunition: Lengthened
  • Grip: Leather Grip
  • Stock: Krausnick S91MG
  • Proficiency: Steady
  • Kit: Fully Loaded

We start off with the MX Silencer, Vanguard’s closest analog to the Monolithic and Agency Suppressor. This will be a go-to on many long-range builds, providing stealth and accuracy for a small handling cost. Handling is, of course, an issue on an LMG, but we can make it up elsewhere. Next, we’ve opted for the VDD 890mm 32M Luftschutz barrel. This provides all the recoil control we need at the cost of some more handling. We’ll start making up for that with the M1941 Hand Stop, which provides a small ADS speed boost.

LMGs are best used at mid to long-range, where their poor mobility matters less. So, we’ve gone with the ZF4 3.5x Rifle Scope, which should be a comfortable transition for veterans of the 3.0x and 4.0x scopes of old. Magazines, however, are a bit of a trickier matter. I very nearly recommended no magazine attachment at all to avoid the various penalties they come with. However, the MG42’s biggest weakness is a brutally slow, seven-second reload time. The only way to mitigate this is with the 50 Round Fast mag, which still takes a painful five seconds to reload and empties in a flash due to the MG42’s lightning-fast rate of fire. So, we’re going with the 8mm Klauser 250 Round Box Magazine instead. It makes the reload speed another second slower and comes with some minor movement penalties, but you should be able to navigate most fights without needing to reload it. For your ammunition type, take Lengthened rounds for that extra bullet velocity.

At the back end of the gun, we’re using the Leather Grip, again to speed up your ADS time. The Kruasnick S91MG will provide even more ADS speed, on top of a little extra recoil control. For proficiencies, we like Steady to help make the MG42’s movement a touch less miserable. Finally, use Fully Loaded to make sure you have enough ammo to keep feeding the beast through multiple fights.

Secondary weapon

A bulky LMG like this really needs a speedier partner. Go for a top SMG and you will be all set. The M1912, MP40, and Type 100 are all great day-one options for Warzone Pacific. If you want something more familiar, either MP5 will do nicely.

/That’s everything you need to take over Warzone Pacific with the MG42! We’ll be updating all our Warzone guides as we get more hands-on time with the new patch, so check in often for the latest builds. While you’re waiting for that patch to download, visit our guide to Caldera to get ready for the Pacific. For some established meta ideas, check out our guides to the best loadouts and best guns in Warzone.

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