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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War preloading begins Tuesday

Three days to hog the bandwidth

If you've pre-ordered Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War digitally, you'll be able to preload the game before it launches next Friday. While consoles can preload from today, for us PC folk it will begin on Tuesday the 10th at 6pm GMT (10am Pacific).

Activision's announcement also gets into how much of your precious hard drive space Blops will take over. Like with Modern Warfare, there's the option to only install the modes you want. But if you want to play everything the game has to offer, it weighs in at 82GB, or a hefty 125GB if you're planning on cranking up the graphics settings to Ultra.

Activision makes no mention of Warzone's digital footprint here, which currently sits at a teeth-gritting 110GB on my PC, so bear this in mind if you truly want the full Blops shebang.

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Thankfully, the options to uninstall bits you don't want will help you free up space. Blops' Multiplayer component is 35GB, so you can sack off Zombies and the Campaign until you get the itch to play them later. They've not stated how much each of these modes will eat up individually, but we know they'll add up to 47GB in total.

If you're curious as to how Warzone's going to fit into Cod Blops Cow, Activision recently announced it'll be getting Cold War weapons and operators starting in December.

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