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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War rounds up its first week's balance and bug fixes

The MP5 is temporarily accidentally un-nerfed

That's week one done in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Treyarch have rounded up all the balance changes and bug fixes they've made so far. Guns have been adjusted and scorestreaks tweaked, all detailed in the list of first week patch notes. They've also published a new Trello board so players can keep an eye on known issues that Treyarch are working on.

"Since launch, we’ve added several gameplay improvements and fixes for key issues in Multiplayer and Zombies, implemented weapon and Scorestreak tuning, made various stability fixes across all modes, and much more," they say in the week one patch notes.

A biggie on the list, I gather, is a tweak to the MP5 submachine gun that was wreaking havoc in multiplayer. They've already nerfed it, but apparently have accidentally undone those changes today. Not to worry, reduced damage range and the changed recoil "will return in an upcoming update" they say. In the meantime, get in your final hurrah with the now accidentally un-nerfed version I suppose.

Tactical rifles and sniper rifles have both gotten adjustments as have other gun types. Scorestreak costs have been tweaked as well, most getting bumped up or down by a few hundred points. Zombies have gotten some love with improved pathfinding for the undead and some fixes to prevent players sneaking their way out of the playable area. You've got to shoot your way out properly or not at all, ya hear?

On the remaining known issues side, Treyarch highlight a few PC-specific issues related to stability and mouse and keyboard support. They're also aware that the multiplayer menu shows up as "partially installed" even if you don't have the multiplayer package downloaded.

To keep up with other issues as they're identified, you can spot Treyarch's Trello board and the Activision support site.

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