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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's open beta specs aren't a big ask

PC open beta runs October 17-19th

Ahead of next weekend's PC multiplayer open beta for Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the devs have announced times for pre-loading, the system requirements, and other such important numbers. This seems to be one of those 'betas' that is a time-limited demo more than an actual test, and all the marketing deals around it mean we won't have long to play it on PC. But hey, we'll get a few days to check out some multiplayer murders.

The PC open beta will run from Saturday the 17th of October through Monday the 19th. A blog post explains it'll include ye olde 6v6 multiplayer modes, the 12v12 Combined Arms mode, and the 40-player Firedteam: Dirty Bomb mode. They do say to expect "frequent updates and a few surprises" across the beta, but I probably wouldn't expect one of them to be Warzone because they probably won't want to make everyone download another 900GB.

The traditional progression system of levelling and unlocks will be live in the beta too, and while it sounds like progress won't carry over, if you hit level 10 in the beta you will get an SMG weapon blueprint in the full game.

We will be able to preload the PC beta, from October 13th at 4pm (8am Pacific). They've listed the system requirements too and yup, they're not much different than Warzone/Modern Warfare's specs - though do note the higher CPU demand.

If you are interested in all the pre-order and PlayStation bonus beta time, ah, hell, go read the blog. Exclusivity promos feel so... 2009.

Cod Blops Cow is due to launch November 13th on

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