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Call Of Duty: Blacks Ops Cold War's new Zombies map is out now

And plenty of new Multiplayer stuff too

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Season One Reloaded update is out now, which adds a new Zombies map set in the jungles of Vietnam, a new 6v6 Multiplayer map, and more. Just when I thought I'd exhausted my duty, it beckons once again.

The update is free for everyone who owns Blops Cow and weighs in at a hefty 60GB in total. Still, I'll wait however long it takes to download the new Zombies map, Firebase Z. It's set in an outpost plonked in the jungles of Vietnam, which happens to be home to a new super zombie with large gnashers and a penchant for hunting you down.

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I'm particularly excited for the new Wonder Weapon, a very rare, Zombies-only gun that's built to chew through undead hordes. Judging by the trailer above, this one looks like a plasma rifle of some sort. There's also a new Tombstone Perk, which'll act a safe stash for your weapons if you succumb to the undead, and two new Support items: the Napalm Strike and Artillery barrage. I look forward to cooking baddies with a dash of the former.

A new Zombies map also means an entirely new, incredibly finicky Easter egg to find. This isn't going live until 5pm on Friday, so don't go clamouring for secrets just yet.

For Multiplayer fans, the map Express returns from Black Ops II. It's a 6v6 affair set in a train station, and if you happen to really like it, an Express 24/7 playlist should keep you busy.

There's also a new 40-player Endurance Mode, which is basically a fast-paced spin on Fireteam: Dirty Bomb. In this mode, 10 teams of four drop into Fireteam maps (Sanatorium, Ruka, and Alpine) to collect uranium and detonate bombs as they compete for leaderboard supremacy. But the special sauce here is that after one bomb detonates, a new bomb immediately springs up.

I'll get to the Multiplayer stuff later I think, it's all about Zombies for me at the moment. Firebase Z is my home now.

Head on over to Treyarch's blog post if you want all the details of the update.

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