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Preloading Call of Duty Cold War: file size and release time on PC

How to get Cold War preloaded.

Call of Duty Cold War is the latest addition to the Black Ops series from Treyarch. It releases soon, and fans will want to get their hands on it ASAP. Thankfully, you’re able to preload it so you can get on with the game as soon as it releases. Here’s all the preload info for Call of Duty Cold War, including file size and release date.

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How to preload Call of Duty Cold War on PC

Preloading Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on PC is easy enough. At time of writing, you can immediately preorder the game from the Call of Duty website and select either the standard or ultimate edition.

Once you’ve chosen, you’ll be redirected to Blizzard’s Battlenet site. You need to have the launcher downloaded to play Call of Duty Cold War, so make sure you’ve sorted that before trying to play it.

After purchasing your order and downloading the launcher, just click on the game title and click the giant blue button to preload it. Now it’ll be ready as soon as it launches.

Standard vs Ultimate edition

You have two options at the moment for Call of Duty Cold War - Standard and Ultimate edition. The Ultimate one gets you a few extra goodies for a few more quid. Here are the prices and differences between the two:

Standard Edition:

  • Price - £49.99/US$59.99
  • Woods operator in MW/Warzone
  • Assault Rifle blueprint in MW/Warzone
  • Confrontation Weapons Pack

Ultimate Edition:

  • Price - £79.99/US$89.99
  • Woods operator in MW/Warzone
  • Assault Rifle blueprint in MW/Warzone
  • Confrontation Weapons Pack
  • Land, Sea, and Air packs (three operator skins, vehicle skins, and weapon blueprints)
  • Battle Pass Bundle - Season 1 Battle Pass plus 20 tier skips

You can also get the Cross-Gen versions on console, which allow you to spend £59.99/US$69.99 to get the game on both PS5 and PS4, or Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Call of Duty Cold War release time and date

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War officially comes out on November 13th 2020. There are some time zone differences that mean some countries technically get it the night before though. Here’s a list of release times for Call of Duty Cold War:

  • 21:00 PST - November 12th
  • 00:00 EST - November 13th
  • 02:00 BRT
  • 05:00 GMT (UK)
  • 06:00 CET
  • 08:00 MSK
  • 13:00 HKT
  • 14:00 KST/JST
  • 16:00 AEDT

Call of Duty Cold War file sizes

Like Warzone and Modern Warfare, you’ll need to clear out a decent bit of hard drive space for Black Ops Cold War. On the PC version though, you can choose to install specific packs, like Zombies and Campaign, to save space. On console, you can uninstall these packs in ‘Account & Settings’ to save space, but you have to install the whole game first. Here’s the file sizes of the game on all platforms:

  • PC (Multiplayer Only) - 35GB
  • PC (Full Game) - 82GB
  • PC (Full Game with ultra graphics) - 125GB
  • PS4 - 95GB
  • PS5 - 133GB
  • Xbox One - 93GB
  • Xbox Series X/S - 136GB

That’s all for our Call of Duty Cold War preloading guide! Hopefully you now have what you need to jump into the ‘80s and take down Ronald Reagan. Or work for him, I guess. We’ll be getting more and more Cold War guides together too, so stick around to find out if your PC specs can run Call of Duty Cold War, as well as advice on Warzone in Call of Duty Cold War.

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