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Cold War Zombies: How to Pack-A-Punch and turn on the power in Die Maschine

Power on to Pack-A-Punch.

Call of Duty Cold War’s Zombies mode in Die Maschine will become real tough real quick if you aren’t using Pack-A-Punch on your weapons and glugging down Perk drinks. However, this is far from simple - you’ll first have to switch the Power on and go through a few extra steps. Well, fear not. Here’s our guide on how to turn the power on, Pack-A-Punch, and get perks in Cold War Zombies’ Die Maschine.

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How to turn the power on in Cold War Zombies

Turning the power on is a vital part of lasting longer in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Without it, you won't be able to get yourself perks or Pack-A-Punch your weapons. With the currently available gear, your damage output will drop of drastically after a few rounds of undead.

Thankfully, it's pretty easy to turn the power on - you just have to have a plan:

  1. First, open one of the doors inside from the starting hallway. I like the one next to the crafting table.
  2. Now, pop up the stairs and run past the Stamin-Up machine. You won't be able to use it just yet.
  3. You should now be outside in a yard with a crashed plane. This is usually where I pick up the Gallo SA12 blue rarity shotgun, which is one of my favourite ones to Pack-A-Punch later on.
  4. Cross the field and clear the rubble heading into the ground - this should be below a purple arrow.
  5. Head in and turn left at the facility doors. They'll open automatically, and your bosses will comment on it on radio.
  6. The trials room will be in front of you. Turn left instead, and unlock the door there.
  7. Drop down past the Speed Cola machine and open the door to the right.
  8. Pass the armory (the weird human-looking statue) and head to the room illuminated in red.
  9. Open this door and press the button to turn the power on.

There you go! The power is now on, and you can use the armory and perk machines. However, you're not quite done. There's a bit more to do if you want to fully unlock the world.

How to Pack-A-Punch in Cold War Zombies

To Pack-A-Punch, just follow these extra special steps. Be warned - you'll be chucked into an alternate dimension through a Doctor Who-looking portal, so prepare your eyes.

  1. Once the power is on, activate the two terminals either side of the machine. You'll need to wait for zombies to be a bit away from you since it takes a second to press the buttons.
  2. Pop on through the anomaly into another dimension (it'll appear in the middle of the room).
  3. You'll be in a weird blue world now. Find a way upstairs - my go-to is through the room with the power button and Elemental Pop machine in it. Stairs will have opened behind it, so run up there to your entry point.
  4. Follow your original route back out to the field with the crashed plane, and pay 500 points to go through the Aether Tunnel and enter the portal. There should be a Machine Part next to where you land - pick it up and plug it into the machine marked on your HUD (the middle of the room).
  5. You'll be transported back to the real world and there you go - the Pack-A-Punch machine is right in front of you.

It's pretty solid. Make sure you have a second to interact with it and have got away from the zombies. You can give your gun a massive upgrade for 5000 points, and further upgrades cost 15,000 and 30,000. It's well worth it in later rounds - that extra damage is essential.

You can also pay 2000 points to add an ammo mod to your weapon. I enjoy using Brain Rot - it gives you the chance to get zombies to join your side for a brief period of time, which is always a treat. The other options give you fire, electricity, and freeze effects on your bullets.

That's all for our power and Pack-A-Punch guide for Die Maschine! Now you're an expert, why not jump into the other map, Firebase Z, learn how to turn on the power and Pack-A-Punch in Firebase Z, or learn about how Prestige and progression works in this Black Ops game.

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