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Can you respec in Starfield?

How to reallocate your skill points

A player in Starfield stands in front of the city of Neon wearing full Mantis gear and wielding a Wakizashi sword.
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Wondering if it’s possible to respec your character in Starfield? Starfield has a massive skill tree, with 82 skills spread across different categories, so it makes sense that some players might want to reallocate their skill points to better equip their character for certain situations. However, the game’s occasional limitations have left players wondering if it’s possible to respec (or remove and reselect) skills at all.

Here’s all the information you’ll need about the ability to respec points in Starfield, including if it’s possible and how to accomplish it.

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Can you respec in Starfield?

Unfortunately, Starfield doesn’t have a dedicated respec option. Once you’ve used a skill point to unlock or upgrade a skill, your purchase is locked in forever.

However, if you’re determined to respec your character, there are a few workarounds that we've listed below.

How to respec in Starfield

Although there’s no official respec support in Starfield’s menus, you can get around this with console commands if that’s up your alley. You can open up the console by pressing the "@" key on your keyboard.

To give yourself a skill, trait, or background, type "player.addperk [ID]" and insert your desired addition’s ID. Similarly, entering "player.removeperk [ID]" will remove your specified skill. For example, if you’re trying to add the Gastronomy skill to your tree, type "player.addperk 2C5A9" into the console.

To find the ID of a skill, type "help [item name] 4 [form type]" and hit enter. In this case, the form type will be "PERK." For example, if you’re trying to find the ID of the Gastronomy skill, you’ll type "help Gastronomy 4 PERK" and the game will return the correct ID. The form type can be removed, but it’ll help you narrow things down in case the game returns a massive list. Alternatively, consult our IDs list to find the ID for every skill.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use commands on Xbox, but players with a PC can use the game’s cross-save feature to open their save file on PC, use commands, and then reload the game on Xbox.

If you’re not a fan of console commands, it’ll likely be possible to respec using Starfield mods in the near future. At the time of publishing, there isn’t a widely used respec mod yet, but hopefully, some skilled modders will step in and devise a workaround that allows for non-console respec support.

If neither of these options fall within your ethical standards, luckily, you’ll always be able to add new skills. While removing skills isn’t possible, Starfield has no maximum level, so it’s possible to level up enough to unlock every skill. You’ll have to reach level 328 to unlock enough skill points to purchase and upgrade every skill, which will likely take a while, but it’ll at least eliminate stress about wasting skill points forever.

That’s all the information we’ve got on Starfield’s respec ability! Wondering how to level up quickly to get more skill points? We've got you covered with our guide on the best ways to get XP. Or, if you're just getting started, we've got information on all of the traits and backgrounds you can pick when creating your character in Starfield.

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