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Black Ops Cold War reveals new zombies Outbreak mission types

You can try it in the free access week too

Call Of Duty: Cold War and Warzone are kicking off season two later this week, including the big new zombies mode for Cold War. You may be headed out into the open air, but Outbreak is no vacation. Your operators are getting put to work in five different objective types, one of which is an escort mission, sorry. Activision have dished all the details and a new trailer for Outbreak mode before it launches on Thursday. You can try it out in a free access week starting on the same day, too.

Story-wise, the CIA have sent Requiem team out to the biggest known outbreak site in the Ural Mountains to assist with various research objectives. As for how it compares to prior zombies modes, Activision say that the new format means there's no set path to each objective and you'll be able to spend as much time as you like exploring and hunting for loot. There are of course the zombie hordes to contend with though so don't drag your feet too long.

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Activision say that Outbreak starts out by dropping your squad into designated Outbreak sites via helicopter. A waypoint on the main map guides you towards your primary objective for the mission which can be one of five different types. For now, those are Defend, Escort, Retrieve, Eliminate, and Holdout.

Holdout is the most similar to the standard zombies mode, involving boarding up windows and surviving waves of zombies in an enclosed space. Eliminate asks you to take out high value targets around the map, Retrieve requires fetching Aetherium canisters, and Defend has you keeping zombies from destroying a research maching. Then there's the escort mission for babysitting a Requiem rover to a dimensional portal. Activision say that there will be more investigation types down the road "as the Outbreak continues to grow."

"After each experiment is done, you must either successfully exfiltrate the area or, if you choose to accept the risk of deadlier encounters, enter rifts through the Dark Aether to another region to assist with more objectives," Activision say. If you choose to enter the rift instead of exfiltrating, you'll be dealing with more dangerous missions.

You can catch the rest of the details on each mode, and some zombies lore bits, in Activision's post about the new Outbreak mode. It will launch with season two on Thursday, February 25th.

Activision are also running a free access week for Cold War from February 25th to March 4th, which will include the Outbreak mode.

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