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Comedy sci-fi FPS High On Life’s talking weapons will chat you up

Coming this year from Rick And Morty co-creator Justin Roiland

If you’re a fan of the comedy stylings of Rick And Morty and its co-creator Justin Roiland then you’ll probably be all over the wacky sci-fi shooter High On Life. The game was announced at today’s Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, and it seems Roiland is voicing its main character. Feel free to chuckle at the trailer below.

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Roiland’s Squanch games is making something that’s not too far from the scientific zaniness of Rick And Morty, and his other show Solar Opposites. You’ll play as a recent high-school grad who teams up with a talking gun to start your first job as a bounty hunter. Fight off the invading alien forces of Garmantuous and his cartel to save Earth. Pretty standard day, really. The aliens are after using humans as drugs, which is just weird but right up Roiland’s avenue.

The guns are a bit off-putting, staring at you like that as you run about exploring High On Life’s world. It looks like you’ll be literally feeding them ammo to reload. Probably the best one shown today was ‘Knifey’, who really likes stabbing. The enemies look suitably grotesque and colourful, and they die in viscerally unpleasant ways. There seem to be space Care Bears too.

High On Life is coming to Steam, the Epic Game Store and Xbox consoles later in 2022. It kind of makes me feel a bit sick to look at, but I might grin slightly if one of the chattering weapons says something odd enough.

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