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Crusader Kings 3's Northern Lords flavour pack and major free update are out now

Cut your hair like a viking

Crusader Kings 3's Northern Lords flavour pack is out now. It's a set of Norse and Viking-themed cosmetics and events for Paradox's grand strategy game, and it's relatively minor. The free update that comes alongside it however is much larger, and adds winter, an expanded duelling system, and randomly generated poetry.

Paradox released this video detailing the features present in the DLC:

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Flavour packs are described by Paradox as being smaller than a full expansion. Here, the Northern Lords DLC adds various forms of Norse spice to the already meaty strategy game. That includes dressing your leaders up in Viking hairstyles and tunics, new events inspired by Norse history, the ability to go adventuring and establish new kingdoms in foreign lands, and new music.

The free update partners nicely Northern Lords' northern focus, but still forms a substantial set of new features even if you don't care to buy new ways for your leaders to dress. Winter, for example, is not just a major cosmetic change to the map, but has gameplay ramifications in how the cold will affect your armies and supplies. Paradox detailed winter in blog updates, with other posts covering the new character duels and poet trait.

If you've not jumped into Crusader Kings 3 before and are wondering if now is the time, then you might want to first read Nate's Crusader Kings 3 review. He liked the base game a lot, and he'll be playing Northern Lords (and the free update) and sharing some thoughts on it later this week.

Crusader Kings 3: Northern Lords will cost you £5.19/€7/$7 from Steam or the Paradox store.

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