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Cursed To Golf will aim for the fairway this August

You felt under par, and now you must come below par

2022 is the year of golf, specifically wacky golf. Cursed To Golf leads the pack: it's a 2D club 'em up in which you're attempting to escape golf purgatory with the aid of supernatural power-ups. A new trailer brings news of its release date next month.

Here's the vid:

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Setting aside the thematic twists, Cursed To Golf looks to have the trappings of a roguelite. You'll have choice over which holes you progress to next, you'll purchase 'Ace Cards' that give you extra shots and explosives among other things, and you'll have to deal with more than just sandtraps beside the fairway. There are spike traps, courses in which you golf on the ceiling, and much more.

The powerups that help you seem similarly powerful, including allowing your ball to travel through walls, to split into three, or to be piloted in mid-air like a rocket.

If that sounds like your thing, you'll be able to tee off in Cursed To Golf from August 18th. Although there's also a demo available on Steam if you don't want to wait.

Cursed To Golf is just one of the many oddball golf games this year. RPGolf Legends is already out, as is Golf Gang on Steam, and Turbo Golf Racing is due to enter early access next month as well. I've never played real golf but I did spend a childhood playing Sensible Golf, Tiger Woods and PGA Tour, so all of this feels like a kind of homecoming.

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