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Cyberpunk 2077's v1.23 patch offers another round of quest fixes

And less destructive bodies

Cyberpunk 2077 has received yet another round of fixes, in the RPG's grim march from a mess everyone was excited about to a functional game everyone has forgotten about. This one addresses bugs across several quests, and a handful of PC-specific bugs.

The full list of changes is long, but there's no single standout. For PC players they've fixed issues around switching resolutions, changing the default language and detecting corrupted game data. There are also some general fixes, such as, "an issue where dropping a NPC's body caused too much destruction." Is too much destruction even possible?

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Everything else is fixes to specific quests, including characters and quest items that could appear in the wrong place, NPC messages could appear at the wrong time, and several bugs that could halt progress. I encountered several such bugs when I wrote my Cyberpunk 2077 review, and although I liked the game, it was a bummer to have my ending altered because of quests I couldn't resolve.

It's been a rough old time for CD Projekt Red. Earlier this month staff data stolen by hackers began circulating online. The company have also been publcly reckoning with the issues that led to Cyberpunk's buggy launch, and the production woes that involved extensive periods of crunch. The only good news of late is that Fraiser Crane has moved to Night City.

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