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Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin Prices And Upgrades

Rework of the deathfest

Dark Souls II [official site] being upgraded with fancier DirectX 11-y graphics, reworked enemy and item placement, a few new items, and whatnot sounded great. Then it became clear that the 'Scholar of the First Sin' edition won't come as an update but as a separate version of the game, and one folks will need to pay for, which sounds less great. At least it'll offer discounts to upgrade.

Upgrading from plain old Dark Souls II to the new version will cost you $20 (£13.50-ish, though we'll see how generous regional pricing is) if you own already all the DLC or $30 (£20) if you don't, publishers Bandai Namco announced yesterday as the launch rapidly nears.

The old DirectX 9 version and shiny new DX11 one will be entirely separate, with separate Steam library entries, incompatible saves, and no multiplayer between the two.

"The difference ... pertaining to where enemies spawn, items are located, and other environmental differences will not allow players running newer hardware versions to connect and interact with players experiencing the game on older hardware ..." Bamco explained.

As someone who skipped over Dark Souls II when it came out (I was a bit Soulsed-out after streaming the first with a weirdly calm persona and late-night radio vibe), my path in is clear. Buying the DX11 version fresh by itself will cost $50 (about £30, though who knows with Steam prices?). They'll also sell an DX9 version with the DLC but without the changes (so a 'game of the year' edition sort of dealio) for $10 cheaper. But for folks who did play and enjoy Dark Souls II and want to see more of it, better than ever, it's a bit of a bummer.

Scholar of the First Sin is due on April 1st and no, they're not 'avin' a laugh.

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