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Dead By Daylight now lets PC and consoles play together

Murder your friends regardless of platform

August is a weird month. It can have the hottest days of the year, while simultaneously starting to give everyone odd autumnal vibes. I'm the sort of person that gets to August and says "hm, yes, Halloween is soon". So, what better game for fine summer's day than Dead By Daylight? Behaviour Interactive's 1v4 horror game added cross-platform multiplayer today, so now PC and console peeps will be able to join together for murderous shenanigans.

The game already had PC cross-play between the Steam and Window Store editions, but now even players on PlayStation, Xbone, and Nintendo Switch will be able to hunt and escape from each other together, too. Cross-play is also joined by a thing the devs are calling "cross-friends", which is basically just the ability to add people to your friend list regardless of the platform they play on.

According an FAQ, players will be able to turn off cross-play if they don't want to match with other platforms, which is a nice thing to have. As Call Of Duty: Warzone showed, rubbish PC cheaters have a tendency to scare off console players.

The devs also mention in that post that console players won't be able to see or use the in-game chat, though PC players still will. I do wonder how folks are supposed to communicate across platforms if that's the case.

Dead By Daylight is a horror game where one person takes on the role of a monster to hunt other players, who need to evade the killer and fix objectives to escape. It has lots of famous monsters in it for you to become (or flee from), too, including Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare On Elm Street, and many other (arguably) more terrifying murdermen.

Adam Smith (RPS in peace) wrote some tips on how to live and die in Dead By Daylight that might be worth checking out if you fancy it. If only he had followed his own advice.

Dead By Daylight is available on Steam and the Windows Store, and at the moment the Windows Store has it on sale for a cheeky 60% off.

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