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Destiny's premier dance troupe stage a Christmas spectacular

Husky Raid saw something weird in the Cosmodrome

I don't want a lot for Christmas, but I certainly am glad to receive the gift of a new Destiny dance performance from Husky Raid. This group of players have thrilled and delighted with hot moves and clever staging in their "Saw something weird..." machinima videos for five years, and their latest weird encounter is fittingly festive. Come, pour yourself a steaming mug of egg nog, and enjoy.

It's a classic format: framed as just another Destiny vid, a player sees something weird (on the Moon, in the Plaguelands, on Venus...), investigates, and is drawn into a troupe of dancing wizards. All the moves and theatrics are performed live in the game using emotes, character abilities, weapons, and spacebikes. It's dead impressive, especially considering parts are in live zones with other players and enemies potentially around - you can see a whole lot of enemy bodyparts in places.

Husky Raid had gone on hiatus until they saw something weird on the Moon last year, and this year sure helped them get their groove back.

"Turns out, the only thing we needed to happen to get us all about back together making videos was a global pandemic," one of the gang says at the end. "Seriously, these videos have been a great outlet for us, and it was a lot of fun getting back together to make videos."

Hit their YouTube channel for more festive vids (and prior dance bonanzas).

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