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How to save Aitor in Dying Light 2: give Aitor the big or small petals?

Big petals, small petals, or no petals?

Want to know how to save Aitor in Dying Light 2? Dying Light 2 is a game where choices have big consequences. And depending on your playthrough so far, Aitor may be a friend and ally, or someone who wants to put you in a hole. Either way, it's probably a good idea to know how to save him in the titular "Aitor" side-quest which you'll come across once you reach the Central Loop.

Below we'll walk you through Aitor's side-quest in Dying Light 2, and whether to give Aitor the small petals or big petals of the Recluse Herb to save his life.

Note: spoilers follow. Obviously.

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Dying Light 2: how to save Aitor with the Recluse Herb

Shortly after reaching the Central Loop in Dying Light 2, you're sent to the Peacekeeper's headquarters in The Wharf district. While you're there, Aitor - who you last saw being demolished by the game's main antagonist, Waltz - is wheeled in on a stretcher, barely hanging onto life. A new side-quest begins, where you can talk to his doctor, who tasks you with asking a particular herbalist about the Recluse Herb, which could be used to save Aitor's life.

But Aitor's wife forbids interference from who she describes as a witch with a vendetta against Aitor. Once you've returned with the Recluse Herb, you must choose whether to give Aitor the small petals, the large petals, or nothing at all.

If you want to save Aitor, you must give him the small petals. This is the advice given to you both by the herbalist herself, and by Lawan if you choose to ask her for assistance in the matter. Here's exactly what happens depending on the path you take:

  • Small petals (best choice): Aitor lives. After the quest finishes you get a call from Jack Matt explaining that Aitor made a full recovery. You'll see him later on in the game at the Fish Eye with his son.
  • Big petals: Aitor dies then and there. His wife is furious, and vows revenge on the herbalist.
  • Refuse to give Aitor the herbs: Aitor slips into a coma. The doctor has nothing to give him except a simple stabilizing injection, so Aitor becomes comatose.

Therefore, the right choice is obviously to give Aitor the small petals from the Recluse Herb. Presuming you actually want to save him, of course! If you've sided with the Survivors then there may be a fair bit of animosity still between you. But at least now you know what must be done, whatever your aim in this quest.

That wraps up this quick guide on how to save Aitor in Dying Light 2. If you want some extra help while you're completing quests such as this one, follow our guide on how to play Dying Light 2 coop. While you're here, be sure to check out our guide on the various Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations to improve Aiden's stats, and how to unlock fast travel points to make such side-quests far quicker to complete.

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