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How to fast travel in Dying Light 2 using Metro Stations

Here's how fast travel works in Dying Light 2

How do you fast travel in Dying Light 2? It's a pretty common question among new Dying Light 2 players, because the answer is not at all clear - at least, not at first. When you first begin your journey in the massive city of Villedor, it may not even appear to be possible to fast travel anywhere. But rest assured, fast travel is very much a possibility in Dying Light 2 - you just need to complete some tasks in order to unlock fast travel at particular locations.

Below we'll walk you through everything you need to know about fast travel in Dying Light 2, including how to unlock new fast travel points, the limitations of fast travel, and more.

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How to fast travel in Dying Light 2

Very few locations are available for fast travel in Dying Light 2. One such location is the PK's base of operations in the Central Loop. The good news is that you can add a few more fast travel locations over time, by clearing out Metro Stations scattered about the map.

The city's train stations have long since shut down by the time Dying Light 2 begins, and now they are home only to either bandits or Infected. Each Metro station is marked on your map when you discover it, and an activity is added to your quest log which involves you heading down into the Metro station at night, clearing out the intruders, and restarting the power. Doing this will turn the Metro station into a viable fast travel point - and you'll get a new rest and stash area to boot.

As with other internal locations such as Dark Hollows and Forsaken Stores, you'll have a much easier time dealing with Infected-ridden Metro stations if you head down there at night, while the Infected are all out roaming. Of course, if you want to go down during the day and earn more Infected Trophies, be our guest!

To activate a Metro station you'll need to reach and flip the main switch. With some stations there will be no power, so you'll need to activate each of the generators in the station before flipping the main switch. This can involve a fair bit of sneaking around and/or fighting enemies, so make sure you come prepared.

Once a Metro station or other location has become a fast travel point, you can open up your map and select that location's icon to fast travel there at any time (as long as you're not in the middle of a fight, the air, or certain quest sections). For those who like to avoid fast travel in open-world games, you can mostly do that here - although the two main portions of Dying Light 2's map - Old Villedor and the Central Loop - are not connected, so once you unlock the Central Loop, the only way to travel between those locations is by using fast travel.

Now that you know how to fast travel, you'll be able to traverse the city of Villedor much more quickly. But for those who want to take the manual route, I'd urge you to check out our guides on unlocking the Paraglider and the Grappling Hook to make exploration far swifter and more fun. With these tools and fast travel combined, you'll be able to dance around the map completing quests and collecting Dying Light 2 Inhibitors like there's no tomorrow.

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