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Dying Light 2 Water Tower choice: should you give the Water Tower to the Survivors or the Peacekeepers?

Who should you hand the Water Tower over to?

Who should you give the Water Tower to in Dying Light 2? As you might know, Water Towers and Electrical Stations are the two types of facilities in Dying Light 2 which you can take over in order to hand control of a district to either the Survivors or the Peacekeepers. But there's one Water Tower which is far more important than the rest, and that's the one you'll come across in the aptly named "Water Tower" story quest.

Here you must make an important decision: give the Water Tower to the Peacekeepers, or hand it to the Survivors. Below we'll walk you through how each choice affects the rest of your Dying Light 2 playthrough.

Note: spoilers follow. Obviously.

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Dying Light 2 Water Tower quest: give the Water Tower to the Survivors or the Peacekeepers?

A few story missions into Dying Light 2, in the titular quest "Water Tower", you're tasked with wresting control of a Water Tower in Old Villedor from Jack and Joe, two former Survivors who took the tower as revenge for being kicked out of the community. Both the major Factions in Dying Light 2 want you to hand control of the Water Tower over to them in order to strengthen their position against the other.

But who should you side with? Well, quite a lot changes in the story depending on what you pick here. Here's what happens in each case.

A group of smiling NPCs greet your character in Dying Light 2.

If you give the Water Tower to the Survivors:

If you hand control of the Water Tower over to Sophie and the Survivors, the next thing that happens is you reach Barney's hideout, and searching it you'll find a patch of human skin with a PK tattoo on it: evidence left behind from the murder of Lucas, the former PK chief. Barney interrupts you and you start to fight, but then Sophie arrives, talking you both down and convincing you that they are being framed.

Later, Sophie will call you, asking you to return to the Bazaar, There you'll find that the Bazaarians have now rejected Carl's leadership in favour of Sophie's. She'll then let you in on the next step of her plan: to blow up a giant windmill which powers the Peacekeeper's metro outpost in Old Villedor. Doing this will force the Peacekeepers to retreat, leaving the Survivors in total control of Old Villedor.

Thus begins the story quest "Revolution". You must speak to Alberto and Vincenzo, the Bazaar's craftmasters, about procuring explosives for the job. After tracking down the explosives, you and Alberto will reach the windmill; and while he stays behind, you'll need to climb to the top of the windmill, setting explosives to blow it up. You succeed, but when you return to Alberto you see that he has been attacked by Peacekeepers, and shortly thereafter he dies.

After you succeed (and optionally visiting Vincenzo to tell him about his father's death), you'll meet up with Hakon, and without spoiling too much, a certain choice will have to be made here. If you want to know more, check out our Dying Light 2 Hakon choice guide, but obviously be aware of spoilers.

Dying Light 2: an angry Aitor confronts the player character.

After this, on Sophie's tip you'll head to an old abandoned tunnel which she says will take you to the Central Loop. But while in the tunnel you're intercepted by a very unhappy Aiden and his crew. Before things escalate, three things happen in quick succession:

  • Aitor is informed that the Bazaarians are attacking the PK metro headquarters, killing everyone still there.
  • The tunnel gate shuts, trapping you all inside.
  • Waltz himself shows up in the tunnel with you.

Beyond this point, things are pretty much the same regardless of which choice you pick, so I'll end the explanation there.

Dying Light 2: Barney is interrogated by Aitor and the Peacekeepers.

If you give the Water Tower to the Peacekeepers:

If you hand control of the Water Tower to Aitor and the Peacekeepers, you'll then head to Barney's hideout and find the patch of human skin remaining from Lucas's murder. Barney attacks you, but this time Aitor rather than Sophie interrupts you both, and the PKs arrest Barney and take him to their headquarters.

As part of the story quest "Into The Dark", Aitor then lets you and Hakon through a tunnel to the Central Loop - but while you're in the tunnel, an explosion knocks out the exhaust fans, turning the air toxic. Your attempts to restart the power end up with you both in darkness and separated, and after that Hakon mysteriously disappears. But Anderson, Aitor's second-in-command, then appears and helps you to survive. She gives you an explosive which blows a hole in the tunnel wall so you can escape.

Dying Light 2: Hakon talks to the player character in a dark tunnel.

However, you're intercepted by Barney and his men, who capture you and attempt to kill you; but you defeat them and kill Barney. You reach the surface, only to see the Peacekeepers' windmill exploding in the distance. Yep, the same windmill that you would have destroyed yourself if you'd taken the Survivors' route. This knocks out the power, leaving Anderson stranded in an elevator shaft in the dark, with only minutes before she turns into an Infected. You can attempt to save her at this point, but your efforts are in vain; she becomes an infected who you must kill.

After this you meet up with Hakon. Again I won't say much to avoid spoilers, but this bit is the same in both paths. You then head through the tunnel to the Central Loop, and there you meet up with Aitor and his men, who are much friendlier this time around. But again, before long, Aitor is informed that the Bazaarians are attacking the headquarters, and then you're trapped in the tunnel while Waltz shows up.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that later on in the game when you return to Old Villedor, you'll find in this case that both the Bazaar and the PK headquarters are ruined. The PK metro station is attacked no matter what, but if you side with the Peacekeepers then they'll counterattack, slaughtering those in the Bazaar. At one point in the story you'll meet Sophie, who survived the attacks. She tells you what happened, and leaving it very clear that you're to blame for the massacre.

That's pretty much all the differences we've found between the two paths you can take during the Water Tower quest in Dying Light 2. If you want to know around how far into the game this is, check out our Dying Light 2 story quest list. Otherwise, if you want to spend some time working for yourself rather than others after this, take a look at our guides on the Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations, and the best weapons in Dying Light 2. Or if you want to make decisions like the above with the help of a friend, check out our quick guide on how to play Dying Light 2 coop.

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