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How to activate windmills in Dying Light 2

Learn how to reach the tops of windmills in Dying Light 2

Want to know how to activate a windmill in Dying Light 2? Windmills represent important parkour challenges for the player of Dying Light 2, as they must be scaled in order for Aiden to activate them. Doing so will reward you with a cluster of new safe havens nearby, where you can rest, talk to merchants, receive new side-quests, and more. But every windmill is a little different, and scaling them can be fairly tricky if you're not prepared. Learn more about how to activate windmills in Dying Light 2 below.

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In Dying Light 2, windmills are dotted across Villedor, at least one (and usually multiple) per section of the map. Once you activate a windmill, it will not only provide you with a new safe zone (including a bed, stash, and UV lighting) below, but it'll also cause nearby abandoned landmarks to turn into faction structures - additional pockets of civilization where you can go to trade, sleep, and receive new quests. The alignment of a windmill and nearby faction structures depends on which faction controls that zone's facility - which is either a Water Tower or an Electrical Station.

How to activate windmills in Dying Light 2

You can activate a windmill in Dying Light 2 by reaching the very top and interacting with the electrical box there. As for how to reach the top: every windmill is slightly different. They're always a test of your parkour skills, and they almost all have moving parts, such as monkey bars on pulleys which move up and down regularly, forcing you to time your jumps.

The most important thing when working out how to reach the top of a windmill is to open up the map and hover over that windmill's icon. When you do you'll see a panel with some important information. Pay special attention to the recommended max stamina value in this panel. This gives you an idea of how much stamina you'll need to reach the windmill's apex. If the number is red, then you don't have enough stamina to meet the recommended requirements for that windmill, and you should probably hold off on scaling that windmill until you've collected enough Dying Light 2 Inhibitors to improve your max stamina.

Another important thing to check is whether the panel says the words, "Paraglider required" - something which you'll also find mentioned a lot when it comes to reaching Airdrops containing Military Tech. Not only are these words a warning to not attempt to activate this windmill without first unlocking the Paraglider, but it also suggests that unlike other Windmills, you may need to first reach an even taller surrounding rooftop before gliding down to the windmill, rather than attempting to scale the windmill itself.

That's everything you need to know to activate windmills in Dying Light 2. If you plan on scaling these monuments with friends, check out our Dying Light 2 multiplayer and crossplay guides to find out who you can invite into your adventure and how. If you join someone else's game, take a look around to see how their choices with different Dying Light 2 factions influenced the world, as you might find some signigicant changes.

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