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Elden Ring: How to beat Stonedigger Troll

How to make short work of the menacing Stonedigger Troll

Want to know how to beat the Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring? This towering colossus is a frightful sight for a new Elden Ring player, and a step up from the dangers you've faced earlier on in the Limgrave Tunnels. But with the right plan of action, you'll soon be able to cut this boss down to size.

Below we'll show you how to easily beat the Stonedigger Troll boss in Elden Ring. You can watch through how I did it below, and read our top tips on how to make victory against this dangerous creature an assurance, rather than a sliver of hope.

Elden Ring Stonedigger Troll boss fight walkthrough

The Stonedigger Troll haunts the Limgrave Tunnels to the north of Agheel Lake. It's one of the first dungeons - and therefore bosses - that you're likely to encounter in Elden Ring - which isn't to say that the Stonedigger Troll is necessarily a pushover. This is a FromSoftware game, after all. Easy isn't in their vocabulary. But with a bit of help, we can force it into their lexicon.

Below you can have a look at how I made short work of the Stonedigger Troll using my main damage-dealing spell; but if you're a melee user, fret not! Read on for some general tips and tricks on besting this big-boned boss no matter your playstyle.

Stonedigger Troll boss fight video walkthrough:

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How to beat Stonedigger Troll: top tips for success

Here are our top tips for succeeding in your fight against the Stonedigger Troll of the Limgrave Tunnels:

  1. If you have magic, use it
  2. If you don't have magic, use blunt weapons
  3. Roll between the Troll's legs during its running attack
  4. Don't think that huge overhead attack will miss you
The Stonedigger Troll, an early boss in Elden Ring, swings his massive club towards the player.
The fight against the Stonedigger Troll is much easier if you are a spellcaster, for you can fight it while staying out of its range.

1. If you have magic, use it

All the enemies you've had to fight so far in the Limgrave Tunnels have been highly resistant to slashing and piercing damage, so you should expect the same to be true of the Stonedigger Troll. Sorcery and Incantation users rejoice: this fight should be fairly straightforward.

Stay out of range of the Troll's attacks, and don't get greedy by attempting to fire off more spells than you have time for. But otherwise, this fight should be very easily won by spamming your best offensive magic skill (I used the Flame Sling incantation).

2. If you don't have magic, use blunt weapons

For warrior types who don't tend to mess around with the arcane, it's not the end of the world. Just like the minions in the Tunnels, blunt weapons that deal "Strike" damage are far more effective against the Stonedigger Troll than other physical damage types.

The risk is obviously greater than for magic users as you'll need to get up close and personal; but simply watch out for its stomp attacks, and slam your Morning Star (or other blunt weapon of choice) into its leg whenever possible.

A close-up of the player in Elden Ring slipping between the legs of the Stonedigger Troll boss.
Embrace the Troll crotch. With the Troll crotch lies safety.

3. Roll between the Troll's legs during its running attack

One of the Troll's most intimidating moves is what I call its running attack combo. His first attack gives him forward momentum, which he then carries into a second attack, and then a third. With the third attack, he has likely already overshot you, so he'll circle back round to you while winding up that final attack.

This move looks threatening, but that third attack is actually great news for you. Simply roll between its legs during the windup, and you're free from harm and able to get in a good few strikes before he has time to recover.

4. Don't think that huge overhead attack will miss you

The other attack to watch out for when fighting the Stonedigger Troll is his massive overhead attack. This attack deals as much damage as you'd expect (hint: a lot), but the real threat is the fact that you can easily be fooled into thinking that you've already sidestepped the attack, and therefore you don't need to dodge it.

You do. You do need to dodge it.

The Stonedigger Troll stays facing the same way during the attack's windup, but then will turn on a dime to target you with the downward swing. Be prepared for this - unlike I was in the above video. Learn from my mistake!

With that, we'll wrap up this quick walkthrough on how to make short work of the Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring. The Stonedigger Troll is comparatively easy compared to some of the later bosses in Limgrave, such as Margit, the Fell Omen, and Godrick the Grafted. So be sure to check out our walkthroughs on those fights too. Alternatively, give yourself higher chances of success in future fights by seeking out the Flask of Wondrous Physick, and some of the best early-game weapons in Elden Ring.

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