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Eve Online coming to browsers thanks to cloud gaming with Eve Anywhere

No escape from Eve anywhere, unless the internet is bad

I can't tell whether it's an act of kindness or lifemurder that Eve Online is launching a cloud gaming version you can play inside a browser. Developers CCP say Eve Anywhere, as they call it, removes barriers to entry for newcomers while being "extremely convenient" to veteran players. Which might be a polite way to say that serious spacefolks can be called into emergency action even when away from their gaming PC?

CCP announced this week that they've expanded the Eve Anywhere beta to spacemen in the USA who meet connection and browser requirements. That'll let you play Eve inside a Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox browser, in 1080p at 60fps according to CCP.

The announcement says Omega subscribers can try Eve Anywhere "for the duration of the new test at no additional cost, providing an opportunity to experience the new platform while there is no charge". Which sure suggests this feature might cost extra once it properly launches.

CCP say an earlier trial saw "first-time EVE Online players stay for longer, with higher numbers converting into full-time pilots." And yeah, as I've said before, I do think one of the few good use cases for current cloud gaming tech is demos and trials.

For veteran players, this does also mean they can play on more computers - so in more situations. With some serious alliance players already essentially being on call for battle, it is perhaps both handy and monstrous that places which were previously Eve-free for them can now become another place they're subject to the whims of galactic intrigue. No escape. If this comes to mobile browsers too, they're truly doomed. But hey, they love gruelling wars, the poor spacegits. And I love hearing about them. Thanks for sacrificing your time and freedom so I can read weird spacestories, pilots.

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