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Eve Online wraps its invasion story with a call to rebuild New Eden

Space wars are done, time for space chores

The space-faring pilots of Eve Online have had quite a time with the evolving story that CCP Games cooked up for them. Those dastardly Triglavians have been throwing space wrenches in everyone's plans for months and now the fourth quadrant (space talk for "chapter") of the story has arrived. The Phoenix Quadrant will ask players to rebuild New Eden in the aftermath of the star wars.

This fourth quadrant of the invasion arc asks players to pick up the pieces after all out war. "In the aftermath of their invasion, the Triglavian Collective's usurping of many star systems has irrevocably changed the landscape of New Eden," CCP say. "Pilots have joined their cause, taken up arms against them, and in some cases have been forced to relocate to other systems. In the wake of interstellar travel disruptions across the cluster, some systems will be permanently inaccessible through conventional means."

The new trailer below certainly sets a mood—hopeful determination to the tune of some emotional rock while a mutton chopped space man smirks so you know that this is all going to plan. Ah yes, the space wars. No judgement though, truly, I've been known to get emotional over game stories set to the proper music.

Why the smirks, space man? Well, Eve Online's giant Supercarrier ships are getting a new update so that downed ships aren't out of the fight for good. A new clone vat bay will allow pilots to spawn new ships directly from a Supercarrier’s bay after they're destroyed in combat. Phoenix, indeed.

In-game holidays Crimson Harvest and Yoiul Festival will return during the quadrant as well with additional customisation options and daily challenges. Oh, and the Abyssal Proving Grounds will continue too.

Sounds like the Quadrants system for space-y storytelling may be here to stay as CCP are pleased with how it went this year. "In shifting to Quadrants in 2020 we have been able to dream bigger, to create more meaningful, impactful content that challenges and engages our players," says creative director Bergur Finnbogason "With Phoenix, we are taking Capsuleers past the invasion and posing the question: how do you shape your future?"

Phoenix Quadrant is live now, pilots.

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