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Exomecha will make you fight mechs, helicopters, and robo-dragons

Make my armour GROW

Exomecha has beamed itself into our awareness, and therefore existence, with a new and impressively hectic trailer. It's an upcoming, free-to-play competitive FPS apparently teeming with vehicles, mechs, and more explosions than is probably healthy. The trailer entrails below. It has piqued my interest, I will admit.

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As trailers go, it's fairly upfront, showing a full minute of what certainly appears to be proper in-game footage. Although a little light on specifics, it packs a lot of elements in. We see rideable (and apparently hijackable, judging by the midair leap into a helicopter about 18 seconds in) vehicles, huge robots kicking and swinging axes at each other, hoverboards, even a robot dragon. And there's your general first person shooting dotted throughout.

It looks like at least some of those things will seamlessly fit into the shooting, and the general vibe reminds me of both Halo and Titanfall. Oddly, I feel a dash of Earth Defense Force. It's that big gleaming dragon and its Godzilla-ish mecha-scream, I think. Plus it's bright and brash and I even detect a little campiness. The robots are all remarkably shiny, too. Quite impressive given all that sand they're bashing around in. Gosh, do you remember when we had nearly a decade of po-faced, brown FPS games? If I'm going to get blown up I at least want to do it somewhere nice.

It would be unfair to judge the shooting on a few glimpses from a trailer. So let's do it anyway: The ground-level gun bits seem a tiny bit floaty to me. The many, many explosions are promising, but I hope they don't mean the regular bullet spewing parts will be neglected. You've gotta get your mundane infantry bits feeling good in a combined arms shooter. That's your bread.

Still, it looks promising, especially considering it's "pre-alpha gameplay footage" according to an official reply in the YouTube comments. It's being developed by TwistedRed, a newly-formed studio supported by a grant from Epic Games. According to their website, their "aim is to create AAA quality free to play PC and console titles", and it looks like they're going all in on the spectacle side already. They promise "unique gadgets and abilities, and boss battles", as well as "team-based large scale battles" and a battle royale mode. I'm curious about how, if at all, the dragon would fit into a battle royale. I think I would bet on the dragon more often than not.

Exomecha is due in the second half of 2021, coming to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. You can sign up to its mailing list at its official site.

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