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Fall Guys is adding a new final round level today

It's time for a Jump Showdown

I was today years old when I learned that Mediatonic's bean-based battle royale, Fall Guys, has more than one final level. I've played the game a bunch, and yet I've only ever played the one where you have to jump for that dang crown! Perhaps my luck will change with today's update though, because the game is getting a new level for the final beans to compete in. It's called Jump Showdown, and if you played in the beta you'll likely recognise it.

So, Jump Showdown is pretty much the same thing as Jump Club - you're plonked onto a platform with two spinning arms you need to jump or duck over so you don't get knocked off. The difference with Showdown, however, is that the floor of the platform you're on will gradually start to break away.

I feel like you could get extremely unlucky here if you happen to get stranded on a bit of platform that has decided your time is up. But then again, the same could be said for a lot of Fall Guys levels.

The patch notes for today's update are in the Twitter thread. There's nothing too exciting, just a lot of bug fixes that will hopefully make the game a bit smoother after its explosive launch.

Elsewhere in the land of Fall Guys the devs have been cracking down on those pesky cheaters.

"It's now no longer necessary to report individual cheaters, since we've been tuning our detection criteria we've noticed a large drop in cheaters," they tweeted.

Why you would want to cheat in a silly lighthearted game like this is beyond me, so it's good to hear they're getting dealt with.

If you need a bit of help securing a win (you know, the not cheaty way), we have a Fall Guys guide with tips on how to beat all the current levels (Jump Showdown isn't in there just yet, you're on your own with that for now).

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