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Flash! Bang! Wallop! Far Cry 5 adds photo mode today

Stick it in your family album

Lay down your guns and pick up a lens. Stop shooting faces and start shooting landscapes. Look away from that sniper scope to peer down a telephoto zoom. Stop murdering, you chuffing rotters, I'm saying, or at least take better screenshots. A free update for Far Cry 5 today adds a 'Photo Mode', letting would-be war photographers pause the game and be whisked away to a movable camera view with options for staging details like the time of day and character expressions. Slip out that bandolier and into one of those vests with all the pockets like they wear on telly etc.

Our John and Fraser Brown have both enjoyed the Photo Mode Ubisoft added to AssCreed Origins, so it's good to have something similar here too. All these big pretty worlds, and so little to notmurder.

Ubisoft explained how Far Cry 5's Photo Mode works on their blig-blog today:

"You can access the photo mode while playing the single player campaign from the pause menu. While photo mode is active, the game switches to third person view and the camera can be rotated or moved around your character to find the best angle. Settings like time of day, user interface, and field of view can also be adjusted to set up the best scene for your photoshoot.

"Enhance your screenshots even further with a variety of special effects! Filters, frames, and logos can be added directly to your photos. You can even customize the facial expressions of your character to create the perfect selfie!"

Yes, but can I customise the facial expressions of my dog? UBISOFT, WHAT ARE THE SECRETS OF THIS PICTURE YOU SHARE?

Photo Mode will arrive in Far Cry 5's Title Update 8 today. It doesn't seem to be live quite yet, but soon.

There's a lot to dislike/be bored by in Far Cry 5 but if you fancy snapping photos, larking about, or befriending wildlife, the game does still have a 25% discount in the dying hours of Steam's Summer Sale.

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