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Wipe those tears away: Far Cry 5 released

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After years of gallivanting around the world, Far Cry today settles down for a quiet life in small-town America. Far Cry 5 launched in the wee hours, the latest in Ubisoft's open-world sandbox shooter. This time, the mince plot is about saving Hope County in Montana from a naughty cult by wandering, driving, flying, swinging, and wingsuiting around while shooting faces and catching fish. We have a review coming in a bit but, for now, here's word that it's out and the launch trailer.

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Right so, a Jared Leto character has taken over the county with a doomsday cult who think it's waaay edgy that he's got the names of the seven deadly sins carved into his bod. They're doing all sorts of naughty things, and we will eventually be urged to stop dicking about with the sandbox explore-o-lark-a-shooter antics to advance the plot by shooting their faces off.

Along with singleplayer, Far Cry 5 has cooperative campaign multiplayer. I'm quite curious to see what people will do with the Far Cry 5 Arcade, the map editor mode which lets players build and play solo and multiplayer maps for a variety of modes. Ubi have added a load of props and assets from Watch Dogs, Far Cry 4, and several Assassin's Creed games to the Arcade too.

What state is it in at launch? I'd imagine our review will touch upon problems encountered, but I have heard a fair few people complain about it being buggy. And, due to some problem Ubi are trying to resolve, it's not available on Steam in Asia and Oceania yet.

As for what's next, Ubi announced the DLC season pass before the game even came out. Its three chapters are going all B movie-y, fighting in the Vietnam War, mashing zombies, and going to Mars to squish spiders.

Far Cry 5 is £50/€60/$60 from Steam and Ubi's Uplay. Its Gold Edition, which also includes the £27 DLC season pass and some other DLC trinkets and baubles, is £75/€90/$90.

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