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Far Cry 6 shows off wacky guns and guerilla tactics coming on October 7th

Here's your introduction to Dani and the crew

As promised, Ubisoft have shown off some proper running and gunning in their upcoming Far Cry 6. We got a lot of the grim side of the revolution in its reveal trailer but today's video shows off some of the levity—from a pet crocodile, to snarky one-liners to, yeah, that gun that shoots Macarena CDs. You'll have options beyond guns as well, with a bit of stealth and deception to engage in. You can spot all that, and an introduction to protagonist Dani Rojas down here in the new video.

We've already gotten a good look at Yara's dictator Antón Castillo in the first reveal trailer for Far Cry 6. Today we get a look at the guerrilla fighters. Ex-military member Dani Rojas just wants to get the heck out of Yara without dealing with the revolution, Ubisoft say. No points for guessing that Dani is going to wind up getting involved anyway.

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Specifically, involved with a rag-tag group of guerrilla revolutionaries. One of them is Juan Cortez, mentor and inventor who's here to give you and Dani some tips on fighting against the government. You'll have vehicles and weapons to customise to your liking, presumably with Cortez's help. There are horses to ride. There's treasure to find, by the looks of a map on Dani's phone. All that will take you across Yara, from the jungle, to small villages, to the capitol city.

It's not all about the guns though. Ubisoft show off some light stealth-y deceptin bits in Far Cry 6 as well. "In Far Cry 6, you're able to move throughout Yara and operate in plain sight; just make sure to holster your weapons first," they explain. "Deception can be just as effective of a weapon as a grenade launcher, and smuggling goods through a checkpoint by lying your way through will certainly spare you some bullets."

There's a more to dig into in Ubisoft's post for those curious. Changing gear and outfits gives Dani different abilities and immunities. The little pet dog Chorizo we've seen isn't just for looking cute. Chorizo can distract guards, whereas Cortez's pet gator Guapo can chomp on them instead.

It seems like Colm is almost getting his wish for Far Cry going back to some weirder and wackier elements. "I'd prefer this one to take some inspiration from the oft-forgotten Far Cry New Dawn," he's said. "A weird sequel to Far Cry 5, it took the supernatural elements that the series had flirted with in the previous couple of entries and put them front and centre. It was still grounded in a sort of reality, but you could also become a bandit-killing superhero that was able to double-jump and punch people into the air. It was terrific."

There don't immediately appear to be supernatural-y style abilities, but it's definitely going a bit of goofy in with the reality.

Far Cry 6 is launching on October 7th on the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store.

Oh yeah, and the one I'm sure folks will be talking about. Here's that Macarena CD gun.

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