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A Far Cry 6 guerrilla revolution gameplay reveal is coming this Friday

Will there be more Esposito? Here's hoping.

There's not a whole lot we know about Far Cry 6 other than that we shouldn't be a far cry from a launch date. Ubisoft's next first-person, open-world action campaign is expected to launch sometime this year. We may find out exactly when before the week is out. Ubi have announced that they'll be showing off some proper Far Cry 6 play this Friday.

If you'd not heard yet, Ubi say that Far Cry 6 "plunges players into the heart of a modern-day guerrilla revolution set in Yara, a tropical paradise frozen in time under the oppressive rule of President Antón Castillo. As he vows to restore his nation to its former glory while grooming his son Diego to follow in his footsteps, players will embody Dani Rojas, a local military dropout turned guerrilla fighter in their quest to overthrow the tyrant and unite the nation."

Big baddie Castillo is played by Giancarlo Esposito and his son by Anthony Gonzalez. You can catch 'em both down here in Far Cry 6's original announcement trailer. I do enjoy a bit of Esposito. The guy sure does deliver a solid lecture that manages to be both aggressive dictator and teenager's dad.

Cover image for YouTube videoFar Cry 6 Cinematic Trailer

We don't know a heck of a lot about Far Cry 6 just yet, but it's one of RPS's most anticipated action games of 2021.

"I’m clinging to the hope that Ubisoft aren’t just trying to make Far Cry 3... again," says Colm. "They’ve been chasing the Vaas buzz ever since they released that one back in 2012 (almost a full decade ago now), with charismatic villains of varying quality. I'd prefer this one to take some inspiration from the oft-forgotten Far Cry New Dawn. A weird sequel to Far Cry 5, it took the supernatural elements that the series had flirted with in the previous couple of entries and put them front and centre."

We'll be finding out one way or the other by the end of this week. That'll be over on YouTube this Friday, May 28th at 5:30pm BST (9:30am PDT).

Based on an Ubi earnings call from earlier this year, it sounds likely that Far Cry 6 will launch before the end of September. Perhaps we'll find that out for sure on Friday as well.

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