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Fight, or don't, when combat adventure Unto The End launches in December

Fight or flight

Challenging combat game Unto The End has announced its release date with another look at crossing swords with local monster baddies. It looks quite tough, which 2 Ton Studios have emphasised by saying that fights can be won or lost in just a couple hits, so you'd better make them count. With that in mind, they've actually shared some ways that you can avoid fighting when it launches on December 9th.

Unto The End has stuck in my mind since I first caught wind of it. The story is pretty basic—fight and adventure your way home to your family. Its minimalist combat design that relies on watching enemies for cues instead of prompting button presses is what I find alluring. "All the father's abilities are available from the outset and mastery of those skills, as well as keen observation of your surroundings, are key to survival and success," 2 Ton say.

Much as it intrigues me, I know this is exactly the kind of combat that will put me on my ass. What can I say? I panic. I'll choke up. I'll do the wrong thing. For those like me, or those that just enjoy a game that lets you approach its enemies in creative ways, 2 Ton use their release date trailer to explain a number of ways that you might worm your way out of some combat encounters.

For starters, you might be able to avoid a fight by using an item, or offering to trade with the beasties in your way. That won't always work though, they say. Clues about the world and characters are all around you and it will behoove you to pay attention. "You might inadvertently make an encounter more difficult if you use the wrong item at the wrong time," 2 Ton say.

You might also be able to avoid a fight just by running away from some creatures who are only looking to defend their territory, not pursue you. It looks like sheathing your sword may be able to communicate your intentions too. You can't speak to the creatures, but they're intelligent and understand when you don't come in immediately hacking & slashing. It's all neat stuff coming from a game that seems to have put so much work into creating an interesting, challenging combat system.

2 Ton also say they've added an option in the game's settings for combat speed that you can turn to "assist" which will give you more time to react to enemy attacks while still preserving the combat imperative that you do react.

Also there's lots of snow. I like games with snow.

Unto The End launches on December 9th on Steam and GOG. It'll also arrive on the PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia on that date as well, with a Nintendo Switch version coming on December 17.

For a bit more, you can catch Matthew Castle playing and chatting with the developers during EGX Digital this year.

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