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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Collection Released

PS2 JRPGs return

We knew that Final Fantasy X and X-2 would be coming revamped to PC today, so the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster [official site] collection now being available on Steam is no surprise. But must everything be a surprise for you? Shall we all blast party papers and yell "Boo!" whenever you're around? Is it not enough to be reminded that the game is now finally here on PC, 15 years after its original release (13 for the sequel)? Do you read everything and recall it with perfect clarity? Well hark at you! Mate, I don't even remember what day it is.

The HD Remaster collection packs revamped versions of both Final Fantasy X and its sequel X-2, the graphics teched-up a bit and the soundtrack remastered. It's also packing 'boosters' in the form of options to play at 2x or 4x speed, to hide the HUD, to turn the frequency of enemy encounters down or off entirely, to give characters a full overdrive meter every turn, and to auto-resolve battles. Or, on the cheatier side, you can have maximum money, 99 of every item, and unlock all skills.

Language-wise, unfortunately you can't mix Japanese voices with English subtitles.

The collection is out now on Steam. It'll normally cost £19.99, but a 20% launch discount brings it down to £15.99/19,99€/$23.99 until May 19th.

That's Thursday. Next Thursday. That means today is Thursday. Still got it, baby.

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