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Finally: The Death Star Trench Run For Oculus Rift

Fly me to the (that's no) moon

I am, frankly, surprised that it's taken this long for someone to recreate Star Wars' Death Star trench run - which has filled starry eyed younglings with dreams of space combat since time immemorial - in Oculus Rift virtual reality. I mean, it's a quintessential touchstone of sci-fi geekery, and what is Oculus Rift if not an extremely overt attempt at realizing our childhood fantasies of the fuuuuuuuuuuuuture? Plus, if EVE: Valkyrie has proven anything, it's that people will go gaga for eyeball-first dives into star-dolloped expanses. Personally, I kind of just want to strip away the action altogether and play Star Pacifist: Space Observer, where one mouse button makes you go "Oooooooooo" and the other makes you go, "Aaaaaaaaaaah." But this will do quite nicely for now. Video below.

So there is that in all of its inevitable glory. Looks pretty nice, too - if quite obviously early.

Details on release are basically non-existent for now, but I imagine it'll have to be free if its developer wants to avoid a severe Force slapping at the hands of Disney's legal types. Regardless, it makes you ponder the possibilities, doesn't it? Oculus Rift hasn't even been commercially released yet, but when the floodgates open, it's gonna be quite a sight. I'm sure we'll get plenty of gimmicky licensed "Do This Thing From Movie/Show/Book X" simulators, but virtual reality is (at least, in part) the future. And, if you ask me, the future's looking bright indeed - even if it makes you look really, really dumb while you play it.

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