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Flying citybuilder Airborne Kingdom is getting free DLC next month

Chilly and difficult, like me

Airborne Kingdom, the chill citybuilder about constructing a city in the sky, is getting a free bit of DLC. Coming this September, Airborne Kingdom: The Lost Tundra will float your urban sprawl above an icy wasteland, and challenge you to keep your city flying in a biome which lacks food and water while your machinery freezes.

Here's an announcement trailer:

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Airborne Kingdom is a pretty relaxed citybuilder, but The Lost Tundra is "designed with experienced players in mind." As noted, there aren't any food, water or coal resources in the biome, and the low temperatures will freeze parts of your city thus "lowering their efficiency," according to a post on Steam. You'll need to build new furnace structures to keep everything toasty.

The DLC also adds new story and buildings to find, and you'll be rewarded for surviving the frigid wasteland with new cosmetics and customisation options for your city.

As per most citybuilders, Airborne Kingdom is about plopping down buildings and keeping everything balanced, although more literally than in most of the genre. Place your buildings haphazardly and your floating city can begin to tilt on its axis, eventually leading to disaster. Flying about the place also allows you to interact with settlements on the land below you, carting resources about in exchange for your own rewards.

Nate loved it when he played it last year, finding it an interesting take on the genre and a more interesting game to look at than most rooted in steampunk aesthetics. In other words, a wodge of new DLC, for free, can only be a good thing.

Airborne Kingdom: The Lost Tundra will be released on September 19th via Steam and Epic's game store, the Epic Game Store.

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