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Euro Truck Simulator 2 adds Geralt Of Rivia in a free update

Don't Gwent and Drive.

I've sometimes joked that sandbox haulage RPG Euro Truck Simulator 2 is The Witcher 3 for truckers. I feel vindicated now. Thanks to a recent beta patch with only "voice for navigation" listed as a feature, you can have everyone's favourite white-haired monster hunter guide you to your destination. It's not just Geralt, of course, but a range of sat-nav voice options, three of which are done by Doug Cockle, Geralt's English voice actor. He's perhaps a little out of practice, but the voice labelled 'Doug (Raspy)' is as close as you can get to Geralt without angering lawyers. You can have a listen to the voice below and find a link to that (unofficial, made by "theZash") skin too.

It's hard not to sit up and pay attention when you hear that familiar gravelly voice telling you that you need to get ready to turn left. Clearly there's a manticore waiting up ahead and and you need to evade it. The video below - captured by "Milan" on YouTube - also features the other voices. Rewind to the very start to hear Doug giving both UK and US-tinted deliveries in a more normal speaking voice. After hearing Elias "Adam Jensen" Toufexis talking to camera and realising that's his normal speaking voice, it's striking just how different Geralt is from Cockle's default.

Watch on YouTube

While ol' Raspy Doug is meant to be a GPS voice, his informal delivery makes it sound like he's more of a co-driver reading notes off a map. His cheery, slightly relieved "Good driving" feels like a pat on the back, while his somewhat more grim-sounding "It's all over now" makes it sound like you've done something horribly wrong. The fact that they're both used when you reach your destination makes it a little more confusing than it should be. Still, can't deny that he's got character, which is more than I could say for any of the other voices, other Dougs included.

You can opt in to the current beta build on Steam. Right-click on the game in your library, select Properties, Betas, then pick "public_beta - 1.35 public beta" from the drop-down and Geralt's your uncle. For maximum Witchery, you can download the Witcher 3 truck skin by "theZash" here.

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