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Happy Stalktober: Survarium's First In-Game Footage

STALKER 2 might be rifling through the belongings of irradiated angels, but now we've got Survarium to take its place. Or, well, I suppose it's actually tearing STALKER's place to tiny shreds, rearranging what's left, and sprinkling in all sorts of shiny (read: dingy, dilapidated) new bits of its own - sort of like a collage that seems to be a familiar picture when you're far away, but reveals its true colors as you get closer. So this is Survarium. At any rate, it continues to both intrigue and worry me - especially now that we have some snippets of actual in-game footage to work with. Take a side in my vicious internal conflict after the break.

Optimistic Nathan: It looks pretty nice! Nothing mindblowing, but STALKER with a fresh coat of paint is a-okay in my book. And I'm digging all the overgrown plant life. Go nature!

Pessimistic Nathan: But didn't you hear the emotionally indifferent Russian man? He mentioned sniper nests, base captures, and other traditional FPS things! Where's my three-or-four-person co-op STALKER-style action?

Self-Loathing Nathan: I hate both of you. And myself.

Pessimistic Nathan: Why did we invite him?

Optimistic Nathan: Well, because Absent-Minded Nathan fell down a well again (San Francisco does not have many wells; how does he keep finding them?) and Karate Chop Action Nathan is just an action figure. Oh, and Wistful Nostalgia Nathan was last seen wistfully gazing out the window of a time machine, so he's now - in all likelihood - literally stuck in the past. Anyway, those delightful Vostokians also mentioned factions, trading, safe zones, and booze. Booze! Sound STALKER-y enough for you?

Pessimistic Nathan: No.

Optimistic Nathan: You didn't even explain why. Are you really just going to--

Pessimistic Nathan: Yes.

Self-Loathing Nathan: I never got around to playing STALKER: Clear Sky. I just went straight from the first to Call of Pripyat. I don't deserve Survarium. Also, I'm a burden on all of my friends.

Optimistic Nathan: Both of you are seriously the worst. But I mean that in a kind and uplifting way.

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