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Hardspace: Shipbreaker adds demolition charges and a new ship class

Look boss, no hands!

Early-access spaceship slicing simulator Hardspace: Shipbreaker has fired another update into orbit. This time around  you'll have yet another class of giant abandoned ship to crawl around in. To make matters both better and worse, you've got the new demotion charge tool to do it with. They're nifty remote precision charges but apparently disarming them if you change your mind can be a trick. The new Business Is Booming update is out now for all you pro shipbreakers.

Apparently things are going quite well for the mega space company Lynx Corp that hands out your contracts. You'll now be able to take on the new Javelin class ships. They're funky, modular ships with many of their components facing outwards into space. Apparently their odd construction is likely to turn your deconstruction strategies inside out as well.

The interiors are tighter, say the developers Blackbird Interactive. "Interior space on Javelin-Class ships is limited, and maneuverability can be challenging," they warn. "Cutters are encouraged to read up on the effects of extreme claustrophobia and the recommended breathing exercises. Always be sure to have an escape route planned while working inside these confined spaces; you may need to get out in a hurry."

The update also adds the demo charges, remote explosives that can cut through more materials than your hand tool. The update trailer up there also lets on that these explosives are a bit of a pain to disarm if you decide to change where one is placed. Aside from that detail, they look quite neat. RPS's Hardspace: Shipbreaker review explains how satisfying it is peeling open these giant, abandoned ships. I can imagine that lining up the perfect sequence of demo charges will be another delight.

You can catch the rest of the changes and bug fixes in the patch notes, including changes to how tool durability is represented and a list of shiny new stickers to slap on your tools.

If you missed it, the previous Hardspace: Shipbreaker update added spooky ghost ships back in October.

Shipbreaker is still in early access over on Steam. It's currently discounted by 30% , in case you fancy a bit of space deconstruction for the holidays.

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