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Hats Off: Make Money In The Planetside 2 Player Studio

2013 was the beginning of the end for PlanetSide 2. Before then, it was everything we'd dreamed of: a constant, continual laser meatgrind. It never ended, and we never wanted it to. You ever found a purpose in life? Ours was to spot and kill anyone not in purple. It was glorious. War squared. Then the Player Studio opened up, enabling the players to redesign game elements and sell them in the store. It was the helmets that became our undoing. Ever tried to shoot a man in the face when he's wearing a grey helmet with a love heart on it? It changes you, man. We laid down arms. We'd all take long walks together. Vanu, NC, even those grumpy Terrans, gathering and watching the sun dip over the edge of Auraxis. That was the end of war.

But it was the beginning of love. So, yeah. SOE have gone the way of Valve and introduced a hat-conomy into Planetside 2. They will act as the gate-keepers to the store, and take a 40% 60% cut from player-created items sold. The Player Studio provides guidelines for artists who might have a good idea for a design for decals, camo, hood ornaments, and helmets, which means I am already out. I am a free spirit.

Here's SOE's Matt Higby talking about it, where he envisions an outfit kitted out and looking amazing because they have a designer on their side. That's actually a neat idea.

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If that faction-design idea ever comes to fruition, some sort of giraffe-based decal would make RPS the talk of Miller.

Spotted at PCGamesN, who are obviously NC.

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