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Here are all the games you can play at the EGX 2023 Leftfield Collection

Another excellent indie showcase

An old man and a pig in a woolly hat are chased by birds through a cartoon forest in Hermit And Pig
Image credit: Heavy Lunch Studio

The Leftfield Collection is always one of my favourite areas to visit at EGX. Partly because it's regularly stuffed full of interesting indie games with often very neat and unusual controllers attached to them (which in previous years have included actual paper shredders and full-on Morse code machines), but also because they're often so new and hot off the digital presses that I've never even heard of them before, which is very, very exciting to me. It's a great little space to discover what will be the next talking points of video games-to-be, and this year's line-up looks to be no exception. Here are all the games you'll be able to play at this year's Leftfield Collection at EGX 2023.

EGX 2023 takes place at London's Excel from October 12th - 15th, and tickets are on sale now. As you probably know by now, it's run by our corporate overlords at Reedpop UK, and RPS will be there doing a bunch of things as well. But enough about us. Here are those lovely Leftfield Collection games.

Behold, the full list:

Lots of games I haven't heard of here, but I'm particularly enamoured by Hermit And Pig, whose artwork I used for this article's header image. This top down adventure has big Minit and Eastward energy, but as its announcement trailer on its website reveals (linked above), it also has Dragon Quest-style turn-based RPG battling in there as well. Lots of things I like there, and I look forward to finding out more come October time.

Also on my personal hit list is Isles Of Sea And Sky, which looks like the Link's Awakening DX successor I never knew I needed. As well as some gorgeous Game Boy Color visuals, the puzzles on show in its trailer look pretty top notch - maybe I'll sneak in a quick go of its current demo that's available on Steam and Itch over the weekend to get a quick fix...

One game I'm absolutely going to save (and definitely going to rope other RPS Treehouse members into playing) for the showfloor, however, is CroQué?! which, judging by the linked trailer above, is about trying to mallet croquet balls between walking, googly-eyed flags. Brilliant. I love it. Can't wait to play it.

To find out more about the other games in this year's collection, click the links in the list above, which take you to a combination of YouTube trailers, official websites and Steam pages.

We hope to see you there! And if you can't make it to this year's EGX, fear not. We'll be on the ground writing about as many of these games as we can, so keep an eye out for more words on them soon.

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