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How to get lubricant in Starfield

Your best bet is relying on these shops

A vendor menu for buying lubricant in Starfield
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

Wondering how to get lubricant in Starfield? Lubricant is a tricky resource to find in Starfield — it’s required for things like weapon mods and research projects, but it can’t be mined or easily located with your scanner. It's also a bit tricky to find in the wild, meaning your best bet is almost always to rely on the shops we've listed here or simply give it to yourself using console commands, if that's your thing.

Here’s everything we know about lubricant in Starfield, including where to find it, which shops it’s sold in, and how to get it using commands.

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Where to find lubricant in Starfield

Unlike similar resources like adhesive, players haven’t discovered a reliable way to find lubricant in nature yet. If they do, we’ll be sure to update this guide. The resource can occasionally be found in chests or alongside corpses, but simply looking for these isn’t a very efficient method. Instead, you’re better off relying on certain shops, which we’ve detailed below.

Where to buy lubricant in Starfield

Your best bet for getting lubricant in Starfield is to simply buy it. Some shops that sell lubricant include Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City, Jemison Mercantile or the Outland store in New Atlantis, UC Exchange in Cydonia, and Clint’s Collectibles in Gagarin Landing. Lubricant typically costs around 17 credits in store, though this price (and each vendor's stock) might vary.

If your chosen vendor runs out of lubricant, you can sleep or wait to speed up the process so they’ll restock instantly.

How to get lubricant using console commands in Starfield

If you'd rather use an easier method and console commmands are up your ethical alley (and as long as you're playing on PC), you're also able to use console commands to give yourself lubricant (or anything else in the game). To do this, hit the "@" key to bring up the console, and then enter "player.additem [item ID] [amount]" — for example, if you're trying to get 10 lubricant, you'll enter "player.additem 55BA 10" and you'll instantly get 10 free lubricant.

That’s all the information we’ve got on lubricant in Starfield! If you’re looking to go resource hunting, catch up to speed by learning how to scan everything. Or, if you're looking for a new ship to take on your journey, why not check out our ship design guide or our list of the best ships you can buy?

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