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How to unlock the Nail Gun in Warzone

How to unlock the new fast-killing Nail Gun SMG.

The Warzone Nail Gun offers a ridiculously fast time-to-kill, and it’s absolutely dominant at close ranges. You need to do some special shenanigans in order to unlock the weapon though, so I’ve put together this easy guide on how to unlock the Nail Gun, as well as a few tips on how to get it done more quickly.

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How to unlock the Nail Gun in Multiplayer or Warzone

To unlock the Nail Gun in Warzone, it’s best you hop into a game of Multiplayer to do the following:

Get 5 Eliminations with Special Weapons in 15 different completed matches.

It sounds simple enough. Just remember: you have to actually finish the match or you won’t get that tick on your progress bar. There’s nothing more frustrating than slogging through a whole long game of Hardpoint only for your kills to not count. For reference, these are the ‘Special Weapons’ you need to use:

I like the R1 Shadowhunter best for this. It’s a no-nonsense, one-shot kill and I can just take it to Nuketown 24/7 to get some cheeky snipes. It’s a pretty simple challenge with all of them though - albeit time-consuming. There is an easier, quicker way to get the Nail Gun though.

How to unlock the Nail Gun in Zombies

In Zombies mode, you can unlock the Nail Gun a bit more quickly. Here’s what you have to do:

In Outbreak, get 25 kills with Special Weapons in 12 different completed regions.

Basically, get a squad together and bring out your Special Weapons. You only need 25 kills in each region with them, so grab yourself an MG 82 or C58 to go along with it, and you should make some pretty speedy progress on getting the Nail Gun. The Special Weapons are the same as above.

Remember, you only need to unlock the Nail Gun with one of these methods, and when it’s in Warzone it’ll appear under Submachine Guns as there is no ‘Special Weapons’ category in that mode. Now you have the close range sorted, why not go long? We have all kinds of loadouts for taking faraway foes out, from the CR-56 AMAX to the Kar98k!

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