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Ice Ice, Baby: CoH2 Gets Two New Maps

Hope they're not Russian it

Company Of Heroes 2 launched burdened with quite a bit of day one DLC. I'm not even much of a CoH2 player, but I was offended by the really quite grubby attempt to sup up the pocket money for skins and the like. Some form of compensation has come with the release of free maps, so there's that. And look: today is a day for new maps, with a pair dropping onto the strategy game's chilly front for everyone. Hooray! Rostov and Kharkov will be arriving any minute now.

Rhostov is the subject of the trailer: based on a battle at the mouth of a frozen river, the melty surface will claim tanks and force infantry to dash over it's cover-free terrain. Or you can always take the bridge. Up to six players can partake. Kharkov is set in the Ukraine's second biggest city, and named for it. It was the site of several nasty battles in WW2. It's an urban map, for up to four players. The trailer bizarrely only shows Rhostov.

Perhaps more excitingly, Relic are working on releasing the first version of their map editor soon.

I've heard grumblings about the game's state. Is it improving? Who's still playing it?

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