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Jagged Alliance: Flashback Is A Game About Taking Turns

You're sitting there thinking to yourself "But what is Jagged Alliance: Flashback?" It's a fair enough question, and nobody around you seems to have an answer. It's lucky, then, that the people making the game have had the foresight to attempt to explain precisely that in a video. Can they really answer your question? Can they really define the essence of Jagged Alliance: Flashback in a way that we could truly be said to understand? Only by clicking on the internet can you ever know.

Good luck, brave Jagged Alliance: Flashback thinkerer.

Watch on YouTube

For text answers to that nagging question you could try this interview.

Needless to type, Jagged Alliance: Flashback is on the Kickstarters, where it expects a rounded $350,000 for its creation.

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