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Just Cause 3 Trailer Shows High-Res 4K Explosions

Eight million pixels of explosions

Oh aye, you enjoy your pottering around a nuclear wasteland, if that's what you want. You know what's cool? The fiery immediate consequences of giant explosions. You know what's not cool? The grim long-term consequences of giant explosions. So you enjoy your fortnight in Fallout 4, just be ready to cause a billion cool-as-heck explosions yourself on December 1st when Just Cause 3 [official site] launches. A new trailer exists purely to show big explosions in 2160p resolution (or 4K, if you favour that misleading term). "Hey, we have explosions," it's here to remind you. "Look at them in high-resolution video. Aren't explosions nice?"

Is 4K resolution still novel enough to be the core idea of a trailer? I suppose so. YouTube is perhaps not the ideal way to view high-res video intended to be cooed and ahhed over, but hey, it beats the usual 720p and 1080p trailers. Observe:

Cover image for YouTube video

What's your favourite bit? I like it when the stuff explodes. Though I do also want to ride those trains purely as a sightseer, hopping off every now and then to drift alongside or dangle behind on my grappling hook. Honestly, at a certain point in Just Cause 2 I stopped even exploding anything and settled into happy drifting and sightseeing.

December 1st it is.

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