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Just Cause 3 DLC Pretty Much Adding An Iron Man Suit

He's getting a mech too

You know those bits in the Iron Man movies where Timmy Stark rockets up into the sky then does fancy barrel rolls dodging missiles while blasting his shoulderguns? Great, aren't they? Our lad Rico Rodriguez is getting into that game too, as publishers Square Enix have announced that the first big Just Cause 3 [official site] DLC pack is adding what is, pretty much, an Iron Man suit. (Without all the armour - Rico likes his chest hair rippling in the wind, you know.) Observe these antics:

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Right? I know. Totally.

That's the Sky Fortress DLC, which introduces a giant new hovering fortress and drones as enemies in new missions Rico will slip on his 'Bavarium Wingsuit' to fight them, an upgradeable doodad which comes with rocket propulsion, shoulder-mounted machine guns, and auto-targetting missiles. Like an Iron Man suit. Minus the armour. Because, as established, chest hair. He also gets to play with a drone of his own and a new assault rifle, and all these new toys can be used across the rest of the game.

I've always cooed at Grand Theft Auto Iron Man mods and adored Saints Row IV's open-world superhero antics, so I welcome this wholeheartedly.

Sky Fortress is due to launch in March, priced at £9.49/$11.99/€11.99. Or it's included with the Air, Land & Sea DLC season pass, which costs £19.99/$24.99/€24.99 and also gives folks each DLC one week early. Speaking of, Square Enix also explained what's coming in the DLC after this: a mech with four wheeled legs. They say:

"Land Mech Assault will contain another new series of missions that introduce a unique new vehicle that can be carried over into the main game; a heavily armoured mech armed with a gravity gun that allows objects to be picked up and powerfully thrown in any direction. Although the mech is as strong as a tank, it is highly manoeuvrable and agile and behaves unlike anything else in the game."

So that's The Incredible Hulk as a wheelbot.

Which superhero will Rico get to be in the aquatic DLC? It's the wrong comics universe, but maybe he'll go all Aquaman and ride sealife to fight a navy, steering whales to batter battleships and octopuses to wrestle divers. I suppose they'd be robocotopuses, but I could live with that.

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