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Explosions Galore: Just Cause 3 Gameplay Trailer


"Stop hitting yourself!" I can imagine Just Cause 3's [official site] demolition man Rico giggling as he uses his destruc-o-physics tether lines to force a giant statue to demolish itself with a mighty open-handed slap to the face. "Why are you hitting yourself? Stop hitting yourself!"

A new narrated gameplay video shows off the build developers Avalanche Studios took to E3 this year - the one our Adam got to play, the jammy git. It's filled with explosive antics and shenanigans, and has made me laugh like a drain. Come see:

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It's the edited highlights of something clearly a bit scripted but dang, just look at all that! The petrol station explosion is splendid, and it's good to hear they're now structures that'll respawn, rather than being one-off demolitions. Using the grappling hook with the wingsuit to yank yourself forward and gain speed looks far smoother than Just Cause 2's grapplechute movement. The sports car's turboboost is perfectly silly, and I do dig how it causes actual damage as it ploughs through fields of flowers. The airdrops seem a lot simpler than JC2's tiring black market. Wingwalking! Destruction! Stop hitting yourself!

When Adam played, he got to fiddle with the developer menus to spawn vehicles and weapons, teleport, and turn on Jesus Mode ("It's not quite God Mode, but it's close" said Avalanche - that would be an ecumenical matter, I think). Hopefully that'll either be available to players in the final game, or at least not be too hard for modders to uncover. Avalanche have said they plan to support modders, and that would seem a strong contender for the prize of First Mod along with 'bigger explosions' and 'hairy cock and balls parachute reskin'.

Just Cause 3 is due on December 1st. There's a choose-your-own-explode-o-adventure version of the vid too, I now see, which does literally say "stop hitting yourself":

Cover image for YouTube video

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