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Just Cause 3 Screenshots For Looking At

If you want.

We don't often post about screenshot releases, because there's always a trailer that shows more, with less of likelihood of each frame having been doctored in Photoshop before release. Just Cause is the kind of series though where half the fun comes from how pretty it looks and the other half comes from tethering guards to rockets and standing astride vehicles as they launch over cliffs. These Just Cause 3 screenshots show a bit of both - and are obviously carefully posed - but I like to look at them.

Maybe you will also enjoy looking at them? You can click to make each one bigger.

The one below is everything I want in life in a single image.

Just Cause was a better playground than it was a game. One of my favourite things to do was to fly as high as possible in the world then bail out and skydive to the ground below. This was better in the first game, because the second made falling really slow in order to make it easier to deploy your parachute and grapple around in the moments before you landed.

How to spot a bullshot, below. Obviously the camera isn't an in-game view, so it's from a cutscene or it's been staged by pausing the game. But then, also look at Rico's pose. That's neither a crouch walk or a run, and he's got one hand off the weapon. Again suggests a cutscene or a pose set specifically for the screenshot.

I like that it looks like he's running across the wing of the plane below. Maybe you're not longer stuck in a single fixed position when mounting vehicles? Or maybe it's posed again.

Just Cause 3 is due out sometime next year.

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