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Logitech's G203 Lightsync mouse is super cheap everywhere right now

At £17 a pop, I'll take six

There have been some great gaming mouse deals over the last 48 hours for this year's Prime Day, including some truly spectacular discounts on RPS reader favourite, the Logiteh G502 Hero. However, for the true bargain hunters out there, I've got one that's arguably even better, as Logitech's equally brilliant G203 Lightsync mouse is down to an even more scintillating price of just £17 / $20 at the moment - and you don't even have to shop at Amazon to get it that cheap, either.

Indeed, as you may have already seen in my best Anti-Prime Day deals round-up today, the Logitech G203 Lightsync is going cheap at loads of different retailers today, in both the UK and the US. Take your pick from the retailers below:

I've been a big fan of the G203 Lightsync ever since it came out in June last year. Indeed, thanks to its low price, great build quality and subtle RGB lighting, it went straight into my best gaming mouse list as my number one choice for those on a budget. It has everything you need for an entry-level gaming mouse, including a max DPI of 8000, six programmable buttons with loads of customisation options, and a smooth, comfy chassis. It would be a great gaming mouse at its usual price of £35 / $40, but at £17 / $20? It's an absolute steal.

Admittedly, only the plain black or white versions are going this cheap at the moment. If you want one of the infinitely more attractive-looking blue or lilac models, you're probably looking at pay closer to full price. That's a shame, although there are still a few places selling the colourful ones for a little less than usual. Amazon have the blue and lilac models for £20 apiece in the UK, for example, while Amazon US has the lilac one for $36 (the blue one is sadly out of stock). In fact, Newegg have the lilac one for $35 when you use their 63FANTECH428 promo code, matching the price of the blue one.

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Then again, when you're in the region of paying £30 / $35 for the G203 Lightsync, you might as well get the even more customisable Logitech G502 Hero at that point, especially when the G502 can be had for a similar sort of price right now. It's a bit more gamer-looking than the G203, but you can 11 buttons instead of 6, and Logitech's faster, more sensitive Hero 25K sensor, too. It's a great mouse and, as I mentioned up the top, an RPS reader all-time favourite. The G502 Hero can be had for £35 / $38 at Amazon, or $40 at Newegg.

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