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Make It To Break It: Planetary Annihilation's Creation Tech

Biomes! Double Craters! Height ranges! I apologise for shouting! This is totally cool, even for someone as RTS-unsavvy as I am. The Planetary Annihilation developers are very serious about the planets that make up the game's maps, and have created the longest video ever to show you all the attributes players will have control over when they make their own planets. You know how some trailers and videos have production values? Not this one? It's just two guys with a game engine that makes painterly planets, and it's really rather fascinating.

I'll admit I haven't watched it all, because it is OVER AN HOUR LONG! When was the last time a developer allowed gamers to look at an hour of pre-alpha footage of their game? The answer is never, you uncouth liar. But every time I skipped to a section to make sure it wasn't filled with adult situations and mild peril, I lost ten minutes to what they were demoing. The unit lighting, the twin craters under the ocean, the flow fields, and lets not forget the classy wipes taken directly from Windows Movie Maker.

Watch on YouTube

And now you've watched it for an hour, go to bed and dream of planets. And someone post in the comments to confirm I haven't accidentally posted a terrorist manifesto. I worry about that sort of thing.

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